God is love

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Hello world ! God is love!
Yes. I have decided to open this blog - web site because I found out a wonderful treasure: God is love.
Reading the Gospel, I came to this conclusion.
My blog's name is "Dio Amore" in italian language, in English I mean:"God is love" .

Well, I'll try to discuss about life, Love, Jesus, faith in God, the Gospel, the Catholic religion, spiritual problems, atheism, and so on.

All that in italian language. Sorry, non in English, but perhaps something there will be. I live in Italy and it's not simple for me writing in English. I'm a computer programmer and I know technical English, but not very well spoken English.

My faith in God and in Jesus Christ and in his love drive me in this web project. I hope to find good people that feel inclined to help me. I need someone with experience and know-how in life, in psychology, in human relationship, in friendly relations, especially in Italy or even in the world to help me to build this web site.

Do you love God? I love God and I want to do wonderful things for him. I want to make you know his love. Do you want to help me in this task?

My name is Paolo and my nickname is "prisma" in this web site. I don't want to show myself and put me in appearance. You can write me an email here: nospam < at > dioamore < dot > org. I hold privacy in great esteem.
See you.